Fasting for Labs

Should I come to my lab appointment fasting? 

Not all lab appointments will require fasting. Your provider will notify you if you need to fast for your blood test. If you have any other questions, please call us or send a message through the Oshi app. 

The following is a list of labs that will always require fasting:

  • Vitamin K levels
  • Liver Fibrosis testing (ELF, Fibosure, FibroMETER, FibroTEST, Fib-4) 
  • Lipid panel, cholesterol tests 

If the lab has different recommendations for fasting, please follow your provider’s directions or call to clarify instructions. 

How long do I have to fast before my lab appointment?

If you have a fasting lab, you’ll need to fast for at least eight (8) hours before the labs are drawn. 

Can I eat anything before my fasting labs? 

No, unfortunately you cannot eat anything during the fasting period before your labs are drawn. 

Can I drink anything before my fasting labs? 

Yes, we definitely encourage you to drink at least two glasses (16 ounces or more) of water in the morning before your fasting labs. Being hydrated will help make sure that there are no issues drawing your blood (and it’ll help fend off those hunger pains). You can also have one cup of unflavored black coffee (no sugar, no milk).