Stool Tests

My provider ordered a stool test. How do I collect a stool sample? 

You will be able to complete stool tests at home. Your chosen lab will provide you with everything you need to complete the stool test. You will need to go to the lab to pick up the kit and will return the stool sample to the same lab. 

The lab technician said they cannot process blood and stool tests in the same order. They are requesting a separate lab order, what do I do? 

Your provider will tell you if your blood test needs to be completed urgently. 

If the blood test is not urgent, please take the stool kit from the lab home with you and complete the blood draw when you return to the lab with the stool sample. 

If your blood test is urgent, complete the blood test and request a separate stool order by calling us at 646-876-8455.