Why am I being asked to sign a Release of Information (ROI) for medical records in advance of my first GI provider visit?

Having access to relevant medical records in advance of your appointment helps your GI provider prepare. Additionally, it gives your GI provider a better understanding of your medical history, which – paired with the information you share during the visit – helps them to make the most appropriate diagnostic assessment and care recommendations. It also reduces the likelihood of asking you to repeat tests. 

  • When completing your new patient intake form, please list prior procedures and/or surgeries (e.g.colonoscopies or endoscopies). Please include the provider name, date performed, and name and address where the procedure was performed.
  • When completing your release of information form, please list current and/or prior GI doctors. Please include provider name, practice name and address, fax number, and phone number.

This information helps us request relevant medical records. Through the ROI form, you can also opt to have Oshi Health share recommendations and treatment plans back with your local provider(s) following your visit.